The Expert's Guide to Open GIS Server Solutions

In the last few years, interest in open source geospatial solutions has increased. Why? With enormous data growth, expanded use of cloud infrastructure, and user adoption spreading like wildfire, organizations are motivated to look beyond the typical GIS server software solutions.

Proprietary servers bring with them a host of frustrations, hidden costs, and limitations, which include: restricted numbers of users, license costs, scaling penalties, management of complicated software licenses, limited interoperability, and lack of influence in road map, just to mention a few.

These reasons are why the adoption of open source continues to proliferate as organizations become aware of the benefits they can derive by considering open GIS solutions as part of their holistic computing strategy. Modern enterprises can realize a number of advantages, efficiencies, and improvements when they make the shift to open source: interoperability, flexibility, scalability, availability, agility, reliability, and accessibility.

Read this e-book, authored by Boundless experts, to:

  • Understand the open GIS server solutions currently available and how they compare
  • Learn how community-driven open source projects like GeoServer are managed
  • Determine which solution best fits your organization's needs and resources

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