On June 7, 2018 the leaders of Boundless product management and engineering presented this educational webinar on Boundless Anywhere™, the mobile app that enables enterprises to extend the value of Boundless Exchange™ geospatial content management system into the field.

They discussed and showed how Boundless Anywhere provides real-time access to location-based data throughout the entire organization. Users can collect and maintain vector data and imagery on mobile devices and sync instantly with Boundless Exchange as the central point of collection.

Watch this on-demand webinar now to learn more about how you can leverage these capabilities to engage with a community, validate data, make observations, respond, and communication while on the move – transforming field collection tasks for asset management, law enforcement, agriculture, utilities, insurance, and all levels of government.

Also on the agenda:

  • Complete product overview – features and benefits of Boundless Anywhere
  • Interactive demo – see Boundless Anywhere in action
  • Q&A – our experts answered questions from a lively and engaged audience

Anthony Calamito
Chief Geospatial Officer

Anthony serves as the Chief Geospatial Officer for Boundless and is responsible for product strategy and outreach, educational initiatives, and our ongoing commitment to the open source community. Anthony is a steering committee member at LocationTech, and a Fellow of the American Geographical Society.

Aaron McDaniel
Director, Product Management

Aaron has more than 20 years experience in technology including 15 years in the geospatial industry. With a career spanning enterprise application development, GIS, systems engineering, product management leadership and enterprise solution sales, Aaron has a passion for driving innovation and bringing exciting products to market.

Alison Drain
Product Manager for Boundless Anywhere

Alison is passionate about making GIS simpler and user-focused. Her roots are in using Desktop GIS and if she can make one person’s life a little easier, she’s done her job. And in her next life, she’s playing more tennis.

Aaron Miller
Solutions Architect

Aaron has 15+ years of experience in GIS, with 10 years in the emergency services industry focused on the design and implementation of high availability & life critical systems, for which he was awarded a U.S. Patent.