More and more geospatial data is being created and captured -- every second of every day. GIS teams tasked with the management, analysis, visualization and dissemination of this data need a platform that can easily and affordably scale to meet demand. Enter hybrid GIS architecture leveraging open GIS solutions alongside your existing proprietary software investment.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What is Hybrid Architecture?
  • Why is Hybrid Architecture important to consider now?
  • Where does it fit in an organization's GIS journey?
  • The first 3 steps to getting started with Hybrid Architecture

Webinar Details
Recorded: Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Run Time: 30 minutes

Who Should Watch
GIS Architects, GIS Developers, GIS Analysts, GIS Programmers, Data Scientists, IT Architects, CTOs, VP of IT, Big Data Engineers, anyone responsible for the management and analysis of huge amounts of geospatial data

Webinar Presenter

Anthony Calamito
Chief Geospatial Officer

Anthony serves as the Chief Geospatial Officer for Boundless and is responsible for product strategy and outreach, educational initiatives, and our ongoing commitment to the open source community. Anthony is a steering committee member at LocationTech, and a Fellow of the American Geographical Society.