Many government agencies and commercial enterprises are seeking a way to modernize their GIS infrastructure without going over budget or disrupting critical business operations. Increasingly, GIS teams are looking to the cloud to achieve this modernization without taxing already limited resources. Boundless provides geospatial solutions that can process today's massive datasets, offer more scalability to meet demand, and leverage modern approaches like devops and containerized infrastructures to deploy software faster and more reliably.

Stream this recorded webinar on-demand to hear a panel of Boundless customers discuss why they've implemented open GIS, the use cases they are addressing with Boundless solutions and the benefits they gain using open GIS over proprietary applications.

Also on the agenda:

  • How to save on licensing costs, while extending access to anyone who needs it
  • How to drive value from existing data
  • How to achieve more flexibility and scalability in your GIS operations
  • How to quickly get your GIS to the cloud, without IT disruption

Webinar Details
Original Presentation Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Anthony Calamito
Chief Geospatial Officer

Anthony serves as the Chief Geospatial Officer for Boundless and is responsible for product strategy and outreach, educational initiatives, and our ongoing commitment to the open source community. Anthony is a steering committee member at LocationTech, and a Fellow of the American Geographical Society.

Eric Drenckpohl
Enterprise GIS Manager | Port of Seattle

Manager, GIS Unit | North Carolina Department of Technology - Transportation

GIS Program Manager | Louisiana Department of Health